Policy Resources

This page contains resources pertaining to Policy effecting the AOCMHP.

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Number of Veterans/VA Expenditure Total in Oregon By County (Including Health Care)
2013 National Data on Prevalence of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Disability Rights Oregon (DRO)
Mind Freedom
Local NAMI Chapters
Oregon NAMI
National NAMI
National Council
Mental Health America
State Mental Health Directors
National Association of County Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Directors (NACBHDD)
OSH Framework Master Plan Report , Phase II (February 28, 2006)
OSH Framework Master Plan Report, Phase I (May 6, 2005)
OSH Advisory Board
SAMHSA Resources
County Jails and the ACA
Uninsured Veterans and the ACA
Summary of 2014 Community Mental Health Investments
AMH 2013-15 Legislative Adopted Budget (See Pages 66-71)
LFO AMH Budget Summary of June 18, 2013
Community Services Workgroup Report (Version II, March 2009)
Community Services Workgroup Report (March 2007)
Health Information Technology Oversight Council (HITOC)
Oregon's Quarterly Progress Report - Financial Data by Utilization
Oregon's Quarterly Progress Report - Financial Data by Cost
Oregon 1115 Waiver Agreement -- Full Text (2013)
Oregon 1115 Waiver Agreement -- Summary (2013)
SB 1580 (2013)
HB 3650 (2011)
Local Mental Health Authority Statute
Basic Health Plan
Enforcement of Mental Health Parity/Wellstone-Domenici Act of 2008
10 ACA Essential Health Benefits
Full Text and Explanations of Key Provisions of the ACA