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Mission and Vision


We envision a future when mental illnesses, addictions and developmental disabilities are prevented or detected early, and individuals and families have access to effective treatments and supports to enable them to participate fully in their communities.



Our mission is to support and advocate for Local Mental Health Authorities* in their planning and management of mental health, addictions and developmental disabilities programs to ensure an effective local system of care.


Goals and Objectives:

Overarching Goal: Local mental health authorities will continue to be responsible for planning and coordinating the Community Behavioral Health System.


For additional information, please contact:


Cherryl Ramirez, MPA, MPH, Executive Director

Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs


Phone / Email:

(503) 399-7201




544 Ferry Street SE, Suite 3

Salem, OR 97301



* "Local Mental Health Authority" is defined in Oregon statute as a board of county commissioners, a tribal council, or a regional authority made up of two or more boards of county commissioners, which is responsible for the planning and management of local mental health, addictions, and developmental disabilities programs. ORS 430.630.10

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